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Community Leaders

MIT Student Body President

Co-Founder, WorkSchool; Founder, Harlem Tech Summit

Founder, President of The Raben Group

CEO and Co-Founder, Cadre

Talani Goodson

Partner, Starfund

Drederick Irving

Partner, Starfund. Former professional basketball player

Timnit Gebru

Technical co-lead of the Ethical Artificial Intelligence Team at Google

Gil Eyal

Partner, Starfund

Adrianne Gladden-Young

Senior Research Associate, Pardis Sabeti Lab, part of the FAS Center for Systems Biology at Harvard University

Julia Collins

Founder, Planet FWD

Courtney Hall

Co-Founder, Hillcrest Venture Partners

Henri Pierre-Jacques

Managing Partner, Harlem Capital

Jerelyn Rodriguez

Co-Founder of The Knowledge House

Mandela Schumacher-Hodge

Founder & CEO of Founder Gym

Caesar Atuire

Professor - Philosophy, University of Ghana

Luciano Castillo, PhD

Professor - Renewable Energy & Power Systems in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

Fr. Michael Garanzini

President, AJCU; Chairman, IAJU

Geoff Bartakovics

Partner, Artifact.co

Gary Magnant

General Partner, Formation Venture Engineering

Rocky Bucano

Founder, Universal Hip Hop Museum

Philip Larrey, PhD

Chair of Logic & Epistemology at the Pontifical Lateran University in the Vatican

Karen Bhatia

Senior Vice President, NYCEDC; Co-Founder Stanford Startups

Mariah Lichtenstern

Founding Partner, Diversity Ventures at Founder Institute 

Clement Cazalot 

Managing Director, Techstars Boston Accelator

Kyrie Irving

Professional basketball player, entrepreneur, philanthropist

Danielle Geathers

John W. Rogers Jr.

Investor, philanthropist and founder of Ariel Capital Management, founded in 1983. He is chairman and CEO of the company, which is the United States' largest minority-run mutual fund firm

Glen Patterson

Fred Wilson

Co-founder of Union Square Ventures, a New York City-based venture capital firm with investments in Web 2.0 companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Zynga, Kickstarter, Etsy, and MongoDB

Robert Raben

Marian Croak

Vice President of Engineering at Google. In 2013, Dr. Marian R. Croak was inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame

Ryan Williams

Community Moderators

Corderro McMurry

Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Andrew Wight

Contributor Forbes Science

Kunbi Tinuoye

Award-winning journalist, Founder and CEO of UrbanGeekz.com

Rosemary Mercedes

Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for Univision Communications Inc.

Sarah Ellison

Washington Post 

Desmon Lewis

Co-Founder, The Bronx Community Foundation

Sophie Foggin

The Sociable , Contributor Telegraph, NPR 

Betsy Corcoran

Co-Founder of EdSurge

Sovy Azhath

Producer CNBC

Fr. Sam Sawyer

America Media

Jim Glade

Contributor Rolling Stone

Changing The Narrative for an Inclusive Future


Community Partners

Impact USA Group

Eddie F. Cullen

Founder & Managing Partner

Eddie Cullen is the founder and managing partner of Impact USA Group. He has spent most of his career working with educational institutions and startup companies.

He began his career as a Jesuit Volunteer in Phoenix working at Brophy Preparatory School. He lived on $85 a month working with high school students while participating in a number of community service trips, such as the Kino Border Initiative in Nogales, Friends of the Orphans Program in Guatemala, Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans, Mountaintop Mining Impact in West Virginia, and 15+ more community service oriented projects. 

Following Brophy Prep, Eddie spent a year in Australia playing competitive rugby with GPS in the Queensland Premier Rugby League and acting as a Board Master at Marist College Ashgrove. 

Then he entered into the startup world founding his first company Bridge-USA creating a game to train students on their portfolio management skills. 


Eddie became Director of Innovation for the sole incubator at his alma mater called the Fordham Foundry. He became first employee at Grand Central Tech (now known as Company.co) where he worked with startups and built the GCT Innovation Program for students aged 15-23. After GCT, he opened Bronx.Tech to consult corporations on internal and external innovation. 

Eddie founded Impact USA Group with Derrick Lewis in January 2019.


Eddie is a Visiting Scholar in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. He is a graduate of Xavier High School and Fordham University.


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